17 unlikely GoPro ideas

GoPros were originally invented for capturing awesome surfing shots. It’s no surprise that popularity quickly spread to other extreme athletes, and a quick Youtube search for ‘gopro’ will prove its popularity. But the GoPro is so much more than that! It’s a tiny, high definition camera that you can put almost anywhere. Check out these 17 unlikely GoPro ideas:

1. Send it into space

2. Drop it from space

3. Let a bear eat it

4. Strap it to an eagle

5. Put it in a laundry machine

6. Put it in a dishwasher

7. Put it on a hula hoop

8. Shoot fireworks at it

9. Play catch with your dog

10. Let your dog take it for a ride

11. Play with lions

12. Take it to the amusement park

13. Attach it under your skateboard

14. Take it skydiving

15. Taung a venomous snake while mountain biking

16. Attach it to a hockey puck

17. Convince a seagull to carry it off

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